A lil' giveaway

I returned home this evening to find the postman had dropped off a couple of items addressed to me. I rarely get mail so unless I know it's from the bank, I tear into the envelope without hesitation. This time was no different.

Photo of The Print Handbook

To my surprise I found I'd been sent two copies of the Print Handbook by mistake. Being an honest chap, I threw out a tweet asking if they wanted me to return one but I also suggested a little giveaway at this weeks DIBI conference. The sporting Ladies and Gents at The Media Collective allowed me to keep hold of the extra copy to give to one lucky attendee.

How to get the book

All you need to do is find me at DIBI and say "Can I have that book?" and I'll hand it over.

If the book has gone by the time you find me, you should head over to the Print Handbook site and buy a copy anyway. It's only four quid.