Back to the camera

I recently came across the Camp Snap Camera through Instagram, a "screen-free digital camera" with the aim of giving you the freedom of taking pictures like you would with a phone but without the distraction or temptation of looking at apps while you're out and about.

Those who've been following my posts for a while now will probably spot a trend in my general outlook towards digital devices and the vice-like grip they have on our attention. I'm still not great at leaving my phone alone but I'm trying to find small, incremental ways to try to be a bit more present.

I'll never be a "leave the phone at home" kind of guy, having a means of communication with you at all times has obvious advantages but seeing the Camp Snap Camera got me wondering:

What if I keep my phone with me, but in my bag rather than my pocket?

I imagined scenarios like when we're out on a walk or visiting a city. Generally, my phone plays the part of the digital camera but I'm sure we've all experienced the need to take a picture then you get side-tracked by the notifications.

Of course, I can change my phone mode to hide notifications, I can even remove apps from my home screen so there's even less temptation but I'm still drawn the idea of taking my phone out of the equation altogether in certain scenarios.

While I'm tempted by the Camp Snap Camera, I want to at least test the theory. I still have my Nikon 1 which hasn't had much love for the better part of 10 years so I'll start taking that out with me again and see how I get on.