Distilling inspiration

Earlier this week I saw a few friends tweeting links to a site called Made By Hand, a really great site showing short films about people talking about the work they do. Aside from the films being beautifully made, the subjects themselves I find fascinating and incredibly inspirational. The people talk about their craft with such passion that you can't help but feel energised to just do something. Anything!

As I'd only just come across this site, there were a few back issue films to catch up on so I started with the first, The Distiller. During the interview with the owner of Breuckelen Distilling Company describes the beginnings of the company when he said something that really resonated with me:

...I thought to myself, I'm gonna try to do it and I'm either going to run into a road block at some point which means I can't do it or it's gonna happen.

If there's no better outlook to have when you're starting out on something, even a small personal project, I don't know what is.