End of social? (For me, at least)

Twitter continues to circle the drain. Since Elon took over, the steady increase in spam accounts and ads for shit products has resulted in a very poor experience.

I used to love Twitter. For years, it was consistently the best place for discussions with friends and a great way to find out information. I’ve had an account there since December 2006 so it really pains me to say I’m more or less done with it.

Last week, I deleted the app off my phone, the first time since I got an iPhone in 2008. I’ve logged on occasionally on my laptop mainly to check messages and I’ve interacted with the odd tweet but overall, I don’t feel the pull to be on there any more.

I’ve joined Threads and BlueSky but in general, engagement feels a lot lower. It definitely won’t help that I don’t post on either as often as I should but I think my growing weariness with Twitter might even be just an overall weariness with similar social media sites.

Even before the shit-show of Twitter started, I’ve been steadily decreasing the amount of stuff I share on social media. Discounting what gets fed from Instagram, I haven’t actively posted anything on Facebook for years. I don’t even post to Instagram much these days. I can go weeks between posts when just a few years ago, I’d be posting every other day.

While I seem to be losing the drive to post on a large scale to social media, I definitely feel the hole it’s left behind. Those quiet moments when I’d normally scroll through Twitter, I’m finding myself wondering what to do with the time instead.

I’m still trying to figure that out. Trying to channel some thoughts into a written journal, try to keep a book nearby at all times, carry my sketchbook pretty much anywhere, I’ve even started playing guitar more regularly in the last few weeks, more than I have in years.

I’m keeping my accounts open for the time being. While I don’t post as often as I used to, I do still post to Instagram but the rest, right now at least, I’m not that arsed.