Fleeing the nest

Back in 2003, I knew next to nothing about the web except where to find movie trailers and do research for the occasional essay at college. I knew a lot about sinking beer at the local and that's where I met Martin, the CEO of Connected, a web development company based here in Halifax. We got chatting about some work over the Summer which started me on the path I find myself today.

Over the last eight years I've learned so much, worked on some great projects and have worked with some amazing, intelligent, talented people but there comes a time when every journey must end. For me, my journey ends in just a couple of weeks and I wanted to use my own little corner of the web to offer my thanks and gratitude to Martin, the directors and team members, both past and present, who've made my time so memorable.

They took a huge risk employing an inexperienced teenager over others who would have hit the ground running with the role and it really did change my life. My eyes were opened to a world I would have otherwise not seen. I definitely wouldn't have met such great people from all over the world. Most important to me, had they not taken me on, certain events would never have transpired and I would never have met Luisa and for that, I am forever grateful.

Times they are a-changin'

As I say farewell to my colleagues at Connected, I focus my eyes on the horizon and what awaits me at my new home at Digital Consortium. I'll be joining them at the beginning of July as their new front-end developer and I'm incredibly excited to be joining the team and getting to work. It's going to be a fun challenge and after so long in one place, it'll be different to what I'm used to no doubt, but I can't wait.

As ever I'll be updating how I'm getting on via the Twitters so for now, I'll leave it at that. Wish me luck!