Give and Tell challenge

The other day my pal Si nominated me to take part in the give and tell challenge, a charitable campaign started as an alternative to the ALS Ice Bicket Challenge. Why the alternative? I'll let Dan James explain:

Something about the ice bucket challenge irks me. There is a gimmickry about it that takes away from the charity. The important thing seems to have become watching people pour ice water on their heads. The donations, the charity, the giving, has become a side effect (with indisputable financial results) of a viral sensation.

So I decline the challenge to dump ice water on my head but I accept the challenge to donate. Being reminded to give is never a bad thing.

I propose a new challenge. The "Give and Tell Challenge". You donate to a cause, or causes, that have meaning to you and you say why...

So I've accepted the challenge and decided make a donation to Overgate Hospice a local charity which provides help and support to patients and their friends and families who are dealing with illness.

While I have yet to encounter a direct link with the hospice myself, I know a number of people who have been helped by the staff and volunteers over the years.

Like my other pal, Anthony, I don't want to nominate three particular people to do something similar, so I'll just say, if you've made it this far down my little blog post I nominate you to take up the challenge. Be sure to let me know if you do!