Lu's cousin recently adopted a cat and soon found herself with a litter of kittens to deal with. We already have a cat so initially didn't entertain the idea but once pictures started getting sent around, we decided to give one of them a new home. So we're now back to being a 2-cat household naming the new kitten (if you haven't guessed), Juno. Actually, it's Juno Mars. The full name being decided by our eldest.

Last weekend we were in Kent so decided to stop by Lu's cousins in London to collect the new kitten before heading back up north.

The drive back was surprisingly chilled. Juno slept pretty much the whole way back and after being a bit wary of her new surroundings at first, she soon got used to them.

She's quickly become comfortable with all of us, the kids match her energy which helps with playtime and she'll happily sleep on your lap or tucked in next to you on the sofa. She's even taken to sleeping on my desk while I work.

Our older cat, Woody, still isn't too impressed with the situation. For the first couple of days he'd come inside for food and immediately go back out, only staying inside at night once Juno was locked upstairs with us. We're slowly introducing them, and they're still hissing at each other but we're taking the fact Woody hasn't tried to attack Juno as a positive sign. If at the very least they learn to just tolerate each other, that'll be a plus. If not, we'll have to devise a way to divide up the house to give each of them their own space. (We're hoping for the first scenario)