Just a thought

Like many people, I use my iPhone all day every day. I use various apps for various jobs and on occasion I like to share certain bits of information on a social network like Twitter or Facebook. There's one thing about sharing on iPhone which has bothered me for some time but the reason has eluded me until today.

When I download a new app, such as iDarkroom, I find the flow of the app is interrupted when I get to the sharing part. I want to send something to a social network but when doing this for the first time on a new app, I have to sign in to all my accounts before I can do so.

I know it only takes up a few extra seconds to sign in to accounts but this isn't really about time saving, it's more about improving the experience on the device. My iPhone has apps for Twitter, Facebook, Flickr etc, all are constantly signed in so wouldn't it be nice if my details could be remembered centrally on the phone and used to automatically sign me in on all apps I have installed. If this could be done, I think it would make using new apps so much better and make for an overall smoother experience.

If upcoming versions of iOS start allowing this kind of automation, or even allow apps to talk to each other and learn about the user, things could start getting very interesting.