Killing in the name of (an icon)

Yesterday Instagram released an update to their app which included some UI design changes and a new icon.

When I checked out their video, one of the first comments I saw (sorry, I didn't get a screenshot, I was tired and not thinking) was from someone threatening to kill them.

Kill them. Over an icon.

Now, I know in reality this is a bullshit threat but it highlights the ridiculous level of anger people reach over something which, in the grand scheme of things, doesn't matter one bit. Can we gain a little perspective? Let's not forget the world still has war, famine, humanitarian crises, inequality, slavery, child labour... the list could literally go on and on.

If changes to a brand in the past is anything to go by, people get over this sort of thing pretty quickly until the next rebrand comes around.

If you're one of these people who hates the new direction of a brand, sit back, relax and let that meat between your ears form something worth reading. Give some constructive feedback, give the team at the brand you seem to love so much something they can actually work with. Hating something isn't good enough, you have to dig deeper and ask yourself "Why?".

Personally, I agree with those that feel the icon has lost personality and it does look like all the other "flat" icons on my home screen but I'll get used to it.

Let's all just calm down and get back to looking at pictures of food and cats.