Learnuary resources

I've not really had a chance to contribute any visual stuff to the Etherington Brothers #learnuary campaign yet but wanted to get something quick out there for people to start mulling over so I thought a short list of useful resources I find help me when drawing and writing.


Warning: There's a fair few links to Lorenzo Etherington projects here but they're all things I return to time and time again because they're gold!

  • How to THINK when you draw - Lorenzo's awesome art tutorials
  • The Deluxe Collections Book 1 & Book 2 - £25 a pop may seem expensive but I guarantee you'll get your moneys worth. I've had them for about 4 months now and don't think there's been a week where I've not picked one or both up for a flick through. Great for a quick shot of inspiration.
  • Jake Parker - YouTube channel where Jake talks about all aspects of being an artist
  • Aaron Blaise - Animator and film director covers all sorts of stuff from creating art and illustration to animation.


There’s more I need to add to this so will update when I get time.