Lockdown longing?

I was thinking the other night about the lockdown period. It was horrible being highly restricted in where we could go and who we could see but one thing I realised I missed was the Friday nights.

Like everyone, we got into a habit of doing Zoom calls with friends. We did quizzes as well as just general chats and we did it every Friday night for months. I remember finding myself looking forward to having something to do to kick-off the weekend.

Flash forward, we're no longer in lockdown. Life has crept back to pre-covid-like routines. Some of my friends also have kids and some live far away so it's gone back to being a logistical nightmare organising any sort of in-person get-together.

I'm not suggesting that I'd like lockdowns to ever come back but I do sort of miss that restriction of choice for everyone forcing us to be a bit more focussed on connecting with each other rather than being off in our own little worlds.

Ironically, being in lockdown was the most I'd seen friends on a regular basis in years.