New exercises

For quite some time now I've been eager to pick up my pens and pencils again to do what I spent most of my teenage years doing, drawing. Before I discovered the wonders of the web, I was very much an analogue type of person, the only time I touched a computer was to create the odd piece of final artwork for college, listen to music or watch movie trailers online.

Up until I got my job working in the web industry, I did everything on paper. I carried numerous sketchbooks around with me, a habit I keep up today albeit for different reasons, I used to constantly jot ideas down, draw little doodles which I'd later turn into a comic strip or maybe an ink painting.

My life has changed so much since those days that I rarely get a chance to draw these days and it makes me sad because I'd hate to lose that part of me which, for the longest time, most people knew me for (although to be fair, people still think of me as the guy who draws things), so this weekend I've decided to set myself a little project called Daily doodle. As you can guess, I basically try to make a new drawing everyday. Having done projects which require attention 7 days a week before, I know producing a new piece every day isn't always possible for one reason or another. That's not to say I'm not going to even attempt to draw every day, I'm just not going to get flustered if I miss a day or two every so often.

My main hope is to try get my creative mind thinking without the need for a computer before I lose the ability altogether. I don't have a particular type of illustration style in mind, some will be personal, some will be linked to a project I'm working on and others will just make no sense whatsoever. I must point out that not everything I post will be decent quality, some will be utter rubbish but it's not necessarily quality I'm striving for, more getting back into the habit of picking up a pen and working my brain-meats.