Nick Cave on ChatGPT (read by Stephen Fry)

Beautifully sums up why creative people, and humans in general, should approach reliance on AI with caution.

As humans, we so often feel helpless in our own smallness. Yet we still find the resilience to do and make beautiful things and this is where the meaning of life resides.
Nature reminds us of this constantly.
The world is often cast as a purely malignant place but still the joy of creation exerts itself and as the sun rises upon the struggle of the day, the great crested grebe dances upon the water.
It is our striving that becomes the very essence of meaning, this impulse, this creative dance that is now being so cynically undermined must be defended at all costs and just as we would fight any existential evil, we should fight it tooth and nail.
For we are fighting for the very soul of the world.