A plan to realign my design

I'm never completely happy with my site. I'm always thinking of ways to make improvements but they aren't always that easy to implement in an incremental process, making tweaks here and there to the live site.

I've had a lot of trouble recently trying to figure out what I want to get out of the site and I've come to the realisation that the current design doesn't really fit with my plans. I've also looked around the web and I feel some design choices I've made look similar to some sites I've seen. It wasn't my intention when I first started out on this redesign some 6 months ago, but I feel I can come up with something better.

Realign, not redesign

Not an original concept by far, but a great one in my opinion. What I plan to do will take me back to the drawing board yet again, but I feel it's necessary to get this right. I'm specifically avoiding the use of the word 'redesign' because what I have in mind is really shuffling a few pieces around and also adding some new content.

One thing due to change is the blog. At the time of writing this, I spend very little time writing on the blog. I have ideas every now and then but rarely get a chance to write about them and they often tend to be of the moment, so when I eventually feel up to writing, it's old news. I want to keep the blog going as I like knowing I've got my own little corner of the interwebs where I can spew mundane rants out to the world, but I want to make it less prominent. The written word isn't really a strength of mine anyway, you'll find that with my older brother. Having said that, in an ironic twist, I do plan to blog about the realignment at various stages.

So when's it coming?

I've changed my site many times since I launched the first version all those years ago and have one lesson that until now I've neglected to learn: Don't tell them when the new design will be released! Every time I've made it known I plan to change my site I've always said when I plan to launch and it never happens. This time I'm going to say, it'll be live when it's ready. I'm happy enough with the current design for it to stay up for a few more months while I work on these new changes.

Stay tuned for more news...