Project 365 // 42 days in

So I'm currently stomping over last year's attempt at the project. I'm up to 42 days! There's still a long way to go so I'm not cracking open the champagne just yet.

After 6 weeks of taking photos on a daily basis you'd think it'd be getting harder to keep it up. To tell you the truth, I'm not finding it as hard as I thought. Carrying my camera everywhere definitely makes it easier but I think what is really keeping me going is the people around me. I think I gave up quickly last year because I got bored. I had a feeling of being on my own doing the project and I couldn't find the motivation. This year however I'm avidly following the progress of some fine gents who are a constant inspiration and are always on hand to give encouragement.

This spurs me on because I like to think some people may actually look forward to seeing my picture of the day, as I do others, so I have this sense of responsibility to not let people down. Even if it isn't the case and it's me just wishful thinking, I'm going to carry on because I'm having a blast and actually relishing in the challenge of creating interesting shots (for the most part) out of every day life.

Quick props (in no particular order) must go to Gav aka JamFactory, Rick and Adrian aka Chegs for the inspiration, encouraging comments and guidance. And big thanks to Luisa, my wonderful girlfriend for putting up with my clicker happy finger and her support of this project.

Be sure to check my Flickr profile and follow my progress!.