Project 50 // Week five

Five weeks in, only two weeks to go! This week has been interesting as I've made the first small steps in to strobist photography! Using Rick's recommendations, I got my hands on some great gear for a decent price. I'm still working out how to get the best results but I'll get there eventually. On with this weeks round-up!

Day twenty-nine ~ Waiting

After work I head to the train station to meet Lu, then we walk home together. Today I had a bit of time to kill so I decided to wander around town and take some shots.

There were some interesting shots but this one sums up what I spent most of the time doing.

Day thirty ~ Friday

Tonight I went out straight from work and proceeded to get a little drunk. With drinking and flowing conversations going on I almost forgot to take a photo.

As a result, I produced this rather piss-poor attempt.

Day thirty-one ~ Frazzled

I drew this at my Mum's, initially started out as just a random doodle and eventually turned into a self-portrait. I've no idea why I didn't put a t-shirt on this.

Day thirty-two ~ Monkey returns

Trying out the shaped bokeh technique (no idea what it's called), this time using a banana shape.

Day thirty-three ~ School night

After a rather hectic day, a beer was required.

Day thirty-four ~ Doppelganger

I'm happy with the general idea for this shot but there are a few things I'd like to improve on (and would have re-shot had the light not died down).

Things I would change if I decide to re-shoot in future:-

  • Up the f-stop a bit so the background figure is a little more in focus
  • Try it with some strobist action
  • Feed the camera into my laptop to ensure the foreground is in perfect focus

Day thirty-five ~ Bandit

Today I got my new flash and light stand. Mix them with the triggers I got the on day 34 and a tutorial from Rick Nunn and Whack! This is what you get!

I took many more shots but this was my favourite.

This is my first attempt at any strobist work. Plenty to learn and improve on.

Day thirty-six ~ Uninspired

Today I've had what I felt were pretty solid ideas but when executing them, they required more planning than I'd first thought.

It also didn't help that I was shooting in our back garden and got the distinct feeling I was pissing off the neighbours with the flash.

In light of abandoning the flash, I decided to use it as my subject.