Project closed

I'm really sorry to say but my 52 weeks 52 works project has died a lonely death. It lasted only 6 weeks until I ran into trouble marking out the time required to produce the kind of work I want. There would now be too much back-tracking to get the project back on course and the quality of the pieces will inevitably suffer and after seeing what I can produce when I give it the time, I didn't want to risk it.

It hasn't proved completely pointless, to me anyway. Even during the short 6 week period, I learned that my ability to draw hasn't dried up as much as I thought it had. If anything, it's got better over the years and I just hadn't realised it. I'd never been able to produce portraits that steer anywhere near realism, let alone make them look like the person it's meant to be, so I'm pretty please with that.

At it's core, this project was about getting me drawing again which has happened so although I'm a little disappointed that I've not seen it through to the end, I'm not going to beat myself up about it.

I would still like to produce more illustrations akin to the True Grit piece but spreading the sessions over a longer period of time will mean the quality won't be affected by a rushed job.