Project within a project

Those who read this blog (cheers btw) or follow me on Twitter will know I'm taking part in Project 365 and am currently keeping it up with it, although posting everyday has now been reduced to batch uploading a few days at a time.

I hope I'm not the only one when I say from time to time I struggle to get shots that are interesting enough to post on a day to day basis. My working week follows a routine that rarely changes, and there are only so many photos I can take of the old buildings where I work before I get sick of the sight of them.

I think my problem is that I aimlessly wander around looking for something interesting to shoot and although it often pays off, there have been occasions where the results were less appealing than a photo of my dinner would have been.

I have an idea...

The problem is that I have no parameters, no limitations to give me a focus. I look around at anything and everything which sounds like a good thing in theory but it really makes it harder because there is too broad a scope, too many choices.

I've not read about this idea anywhere but here it is: At the beginning of July, I'm going to start setting myself a theme every week for the rest of the year. The themes can be anything from food to architecture to people or macro photography. The hope is to provide myself with something to focus on allowing me to devote more time to thinking about shots and looking for better ways to get an interesting result.

Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear your thoughts and feel free to post up ideas for themes.