Reading goal for 2023

I didn't do too badly in 2022 for reading, at least when it comes to comics. I had a steady flow of reading material throughout the year but I wasn't really paying any attention to logging what I'd read and when so aside from a few notable reads, I can't really remember everything I read last year (note: I can barely remember what I did last week so it's hardly surprising).

I've had reading goals in the past, sometimes I've successfully hit the goal, sometimes not but either way, setting the goal prompted me to be a bit more disciplined with reading on a regular basis.

As such, I'm setting a goal for 2023: 50 books between Christmas Day 2022-Christmas Day 2023.

The reason the time frame is between Christmases instead of New Year is because I got a whole bunch of books for Christmas, some I read during the period between Christmas and New Year.

Why 50? Simply because my list of "to read" or "to re-read" is enormous. I don't buy 50 new books in a year so my thinking is setting a large target will mean I start chipping away at that list before it grows any longer!

The only rule I'm setting is this target doesn't include single-issue comics, not because they aren't books (they are!) but simply because I could easily hit a 50 book target made entirely of singles within a month or so. Excluding them just means I've got to work a bit harder. So, singles are out but graphic novels are in (and I've got a lot to read!).

As I said, I've already started reading books and have finished 3 already. 47 to go...