Releasing the dam

Over the last few months, I've been lagging behind in my reading of web related articles and watching of past conference videos. I've been saving many of them up for occasions when I need to kill some time which, until recently, rarely came along.

Since starting my new job, I've been finding myself with around an hour each day standing on train platforms. It's given me a chance to finally finish reading Lord of the Rings for the second time. It also means I've got a bit of time each day to get back into the habit of absorbing some of the great content I come across on the web.

Despite being very excited at the release of Readability's iPhone app, I haven't really used it because I simply don't like reading on my phone. Instead, I'm favouring Readability's Send to Kindle feature in their Chrome plugin which conveniently delivers articles to my Kindle whenever I connect it to WIFI.

I've also just discovered many of the conference videos I've been watching online allow you to download them for consumption on a mobile device.

So that should cover me for when I'm in the mood to read or just watch on my morning and evening commutes so I'll soon be caught up on all the stuff the web kids are into these days. I may even do some write-ups of the things I come across as a way to process and reflect on them.

UPDATE (29.04.2012) // I accidentally stood on my Kindle this evening and royally fudged the screen so I'll now be catching up on good ol' print books for the foreseeable future