Resolutions for 2012

I very rarely write posts involving New Years resolutions because I never really head into a new year with any in mind. I had a few for 2011 but some fell by the wayside slightly cough gym.

Having looked back on the last year I don't feel I've really achieved much in terms of personal growth and my lack of self-imposed challenges has resulted in stagnation.

This feeling has resulted in committing to one project aimed at reawakening my love of illustration, cartoons and art. That coupled with my ongoing reading project should sufficiently satisfy my desire to make it through to next December without feeling like I've used time more effectively.

Having said that I feel the need to drop a few extra things aren't really projects but just things I want to do:

Start to learn a new language

I used to enjoy learning German and French at school and wish I'd continued to learn them. Since we're going to Paris on our honeymoon, I'd quite like to know a good handful of phrases that I can use while I'm there and continue on in case we ever go back.

Get a bit fitter

Seems a bit strange to add this when just this week I decided to cancel my gym membership but I have exercise equipment at home that I can use whilst saving a bit of cash each month.

Play more guitar

I have an acoustic guitar sitting in the living room which I play from time-to-time but I notice a lot of things I used to be able to play don't come as easily these days and I'd hate to lose it. Next year I'll practice more and improve my playing ability.

Take more photos

While I have been taking photos this year, I've not been pushing myself as much as I'd like and relying on shooting while doing other things rather than going out on planned shoots.

Think the language one might be tricky but if I take it a step at a time I'll fit it in. With a bit of effort I'll not be writing a similar post next December.