So much free time...

This weekend, Lu took the kids to see her Mum for a few days. I stayed home because I'd already planned a night out with my friends and someone needed to look after the cat so it all worked out.

After spending years working your life around kids, it's a strange feeling to suddenly be without them. No-one needing me to get up to make breakfast, no swimming lessons, not needing make lunches etc. For a few days, it's just been me.

Yesterday, I did a whole list of jobs which usually gets spread across a whole weekend and I still found time to work on comics, sit down to watch a film and go out for some dinner with my Mum and Step-dad.

A few times this weekend, I've thought back to all those other pre-kids weekends I'd squandered. How much stuff I could have achieved back then with back-to-back-to-back-to-back open weekends.

I don't want to get down about it so to put a positive spin to this post, it's solidified in my mind that the free time I do have, regardless of how limited it can be sometimes, is important and something to be harnessed. Some down-time is good too but looking back, it's shown be too much down-time isn't the greatest thing.