Sod it, time for a change

Last week at HuddsDigitals, we saw Seb Lee-Delisle talk about his PixelPyros project which was showing at this weekend's Festival of Light. A few days later, I read Ashley Baxter's article on 24Ways which talked about the process of creating your own app from a non-programmer perspective. These together have given me a kick up the arse...

I've been working on the web for 10 years, almost exclusively a front-end developer with some design mixed in. I've made various attempts over the years to take a step into the world of programming but each time, I've never had a goal in mind which always ended up with a sort of aimless wandering feeling so it's never progressed beyond some basic understanding.

I'm now at a point where I'm getting frustrated by my own inability to bring my ideas to fruition because of my lack of experience with programming languages.

I'm going to take a leaf out of Ashley's book and learn how to program using some of the ideas I've had sat on a shelf in my mind waiting to be tackled. It gives me something to aim for while freeing up brain space for other stuff.

I don't aim to become a programmer, just learn enough to get ideas working and out there into the world.

Time for a change, here's to 2014!