The Phantom what?

I'm almost afraid to write this in case I get lynched but here goes... I went to see The Phantom Menace in 3D.

Before you get on with the lynching, I just want to say that I'd be the first to agree with someone when they say George Lucas should stop messing with his films and that The Phantom Menace is by far the weakest film he's been involved in. So why did I fork out cash to see it? Curiosity, I suppose. I wondered how the 3D treatment transferred over to a film I was already very familiar with in a standard 2D format. I wanted to see if it worked at all. In some parts, it did as well as the 3D can offer and in other parts it felt somewhat forced, like they were trying to make it look too 3D if that makes sense?

As to be expected, it didn't make the film stronger or any more tolerable. Jake Lloyd is still annoying, as are the Gungans and the whole thing with the midichlorians still makes me cringe. There were some sneaky alterations, scenes like the one deleted from the podrace showing Anakin doing a roll thingie was folded back in and the puppet Yoda has been replaced with a CG version which ties it in better with the two films that follow but it doesn't fix what was already broken. You can polish a turd as much as you like but it'll still be a turd in the end.

To end the rambling, I'll say if you're like me and wanted to see this for the hell of it, to see all six at the cinema once again, go for it. If you can't bring yourself to watch any of the prequal trilogy at home, it's best left alone.