The plan to print...

2008 has been a crap year for me in terms of doing art work. Although I know many people who are a constant inspiration, my lack of self-motivation has meant that as we approach the end of the year, I have no work to show other than some sketchbook pages.

The plan for next year is to really pull my finger out and get working on some real pieces. The first step is to enrol for a printing course at a local workshop. Having studied print in college, I think I can get away with taking the (cheaper) 5 week course to refresh my memory. Making the assumption that I'll be able to print whatever I wish, I am going to create a series of Chaplin posters. I'll do a few prints to see how they look and if they are good enough, I'll print more which I'll post up here for sale.

As well as printing some posters I will be looking into other methods and techniques such as life drawing. So with a bit of determination and motivation, my portfolio will soon be packed full of stuff.