Week notes #0

There seems to be a resurgence in personal blogs which is great and it's got me inspired to get back into writing more.

Another thing I’ve seen cropping up quite a lot is the idea of posting week notes. I’m sure there’ll be people out there who have been doing it for a long time but it seems like a great way to reflect each week and log your thoughts to look back on in future as well as getting into the habit of sticking to a regular publishing schedule.

I’ve been going through a rough creative patch for the last few months. I’ve really struggled with getting any work done on comics and have spent a lot of time in trying to figure out a way to get moving with very little success.

When I started reading through other people’s week notes, it dawned on me that perhaps this might be a way to help myself.

Rather than constantly internalise the problems or challenges I’m dealing with, I could write them out and post them which may go some way to solve them.

I’d like to keep some positivity in here too so I’ll use it to reflect on the progress I make with projects. Over time I’ll hopefully be able to track my progress but also means it’ll help keep me motivated to keep working because I don’t want to be constantly writing “no progress this week”. I don’t know if anyone reads this blog anymore but if I presume people do, I’ll feel somewhat answerable to them.

Let’s see how this goes....