Week notes #11

Ok, so here we go again! I'm going to try stick to updating on the same day each week from now on but I'm not going to stress too much if I'm a day or so out either way.

This week at home we've hit a big milestone. Our youngest boy decided at 6 months that that's long enough to be stationary and on Father's Day started to crawl. What started as more of a dragging motion across the floor very quickly, within a few hours, morphed into a more effective army crawl and is now able to get about at a pretty decent pace.

Gone are the days where we could put him down on the rug and know he'd stay there for a couple of minutes!

Since I've not specifically posted about this before, I'll just drop in this preface that I'll be publishing a graphic novel through Fair Spark Books next year.

With that, I've been working every day on keeping things moving. The book comprises of four chapters, chapter 1 I'd more or less finished before I signed with Fair Spark, but the rest was still to work on. I've scripted chapters 2 and 3, they're both in the feedback phase with my editor.

Though still in review, Chapter 2 is at a point where the core structure shouldn't change massively so I've been able to make a start on figuring out page layouts. At the time of writing, I'm about halfway done and I've got a day off work this coming week to get this part over the line.

Very rough page layouts. Only the core elements allow me to figure things out quickly.

There'll be edits later on in the process, no doubt, but I'm trying to keep things rough and loose at the moment so we can get the vast majority of issues out of the way now before I commit to final artwork.

That's it for this week! So long, farewell.