Week notes #12

On this here Monday, we continue to have typically British weather. Pissing rain one minute, then sunshine the next so naturally we've all got something to complain about.

Last week, I took delivery of two new books. The first being Haru by Joe Latham, which starts the adventure of a small bird who wishes to leave the valley. It's a really lovely little book with absolutely beautiful artwork. This is the first of what will be 5 or 6 parts so I'm looking forward to collecting the rest.

This photo is owned by Joe Latham

The second book is Bone by Jeff Smith. Every time I've ever mentioned the book, someone has said it's one of those comics you just have to read. I found a copy of the single collection for £11 so I figured it was worth the risk. I'm still only about 10% in (it's 1300 pages long) but I'm enjoying it so far.

Speaking of comics, I continue to work on my own graphic novel. I took a day off last Wednesday to get some focussed time on chapter 2. I managed to finish thumbnailing the rest of the chapter and I'm now working translating those thumbnails to A4 versions, with rough lettering, so I can work with the publisher on fixing any major issues now before I commit ink to paper.

So far, the book is clocking in at 43 pages long. Chapter 2 is the halfway point of the overall story arc, but that won't necessarily be reflected in the number of pages left to complete. It's fair to say it's likely I'll be looking at somewhere in the region of 100 pages overall. I've only got 16 finished pages so far, so I've still a fair mountain to climb!

Until next week, see ya.