Week notes #13

This will be another brief week note entry.

Later this week, our eldest finishes school for Summer, concluding his first year. As is often the case with most things these days, Lu and I remark how fast time seems to be flying by. Around time last year, we were buying his first uniform and getting ready to say goodbye to his friends at nursery.

Couple that with the realisation that next year we celebrate 10 years of marriage, I'm reminded of a line from Time by Pink Floyd:

...And then one day you find ten years have got behind you.

And that line triggers a memory from when I was about 13 when my Dad told me how true that line is as you grow older and how I scoffed in disbelief.

Speaking of time flying by, we're having to make preparations for childcare for our youngest. Lu doesn't go back to work until December but better being prepared. We first contacted a local nursery a few months ago but, of course due to lockdown, they'd been unable to allow anyone in.

Last week, however, we were able to go for a quick tour of the nursery and see where our boy will be spending a good portion of his life for the next few years.

On the comic front, I finished converting the rough thumbnails for chapter 2 over to A4 with rough lettering in place and it's now with my publisher for feedback. While that's under way, I'm turning my attention to chapter 4. I've got some plot beats mapped out but I need to flesh it out some more and add some more here and there. Chapter 4 concludes the story so this will mark the first time the whole book is in a draft phase which is an exciting prospect.

I'm still not happy with the rate at which I'm working. When I get to the inking phase, I'm going to have to turn it up a few notches.

One last thing to jot down is a notable podcast I've listened to this week, 1619 by The New York Times, which tells stories from the history of slavery in the US and how it's affected things today. Required listening, if you ask me.