Week notes #16

This last week, our area got put into local lockdown again. Though it's been confusing as chuff since we can't have people visit and sit in the garden, but we can go see the same people in a pub (??). Anywho, that means we're back in lockdown mode. On a weekday, it makes hardly any difference to me since I don't leave the house for work!

The TeeVee...

Lockdown over the weekend has allowed us to chill in front of the telly a little bit. We watched the Grand Prix, more for Ali's interest than my own, though I must admit, it's starting to pique my interest.

Another discovery came via Disney+: Gravity Falls

It's a show about a couple of kids who are spending Summer with their Great-uncle (Grunkle) in a small Oregon town where lots of weird stuff goes on. It sort of had a flavour of Eerie, Indiana about it which is always a winner. Get it watched if you haven't yet.

The Test...

We've all had various symptoms of a cold for the last week or so. Mainly runny noses but there's been a sore throat and cough here and there so we've had to take the covid test. It's not a pleasant experience.

The throat test was by far the worst. Having to swap your own tonsils whilst trying not to throw up is no fun whatsoever. The nost test wasn't actually that bad in all honestly. Weird, a bit tickly, but not horrible.

We sent them off yesterday so hopefully we'll hear back in the next day or so.

Edit: Test result came back negative, so that's a relief.

The comic...

Progress continues to be made. One small step after another.

I actually started to write Chapter 4 the other night which felt good. If I can get that chapter written this week, it'll feel like a huge step forward because then it'll be more or less 100% artwork from there on.

Chapter 2 has had a few rounds of editorial feedback but I think we may be on the last round, with just a few small issues to address. So hopefully by the time I write next weeks entry, I'll have started to make some headway on the artwork.