Week notes #18

After a little break, I'm back with this weekly reminder of what I've been up to.

In general...

We've had a busy few weeks. Getting our eldest ready for his return to school, re-arranging bedrooms to allow both our kids to have their own rooms and our boy's 6th birthday!

Our youngest is completely on the move. He picked up crawling at 6 months and has been steadily increasing the speed in which he can get around. He's also constantly pulling himself up to standing, a precursor to the inevitable first steps which we suspect will happen in the next month or so. He's also decided he wants to climb stairs too (with one of us behind with hands poised ready to catch).

We didn't have this stuff happen so soon the first time around so it's crazy to see someone so tiny making his own little world a bit bigger.

The comic

Steady progress is being made, though I'm still not happy with my amount of output but life doesn't pause for personal projects so I have to make do with the time I can afford to give to it.

The last time I wrote, I was working on the rough page layouts for the 3rd section of the book. I'd hoped, on my week off, to have time to convert them to the scaled up roughs but unsurprisingly, time wasn't on my side.

These last few weeks, I've been chipping away at the scaled roughs, one page at a time. I'm working on page 69 (dudes!) right now and this section ends at page 79 so the end is in sight!

Once I've got this section done in rough form, I can get that sent to my editor and focus on Chapter 4. I finished a draft weeks ago but re-reading it, there are some elements I'm not quite happy with so I need to hack away at it a little bit.

That's it for now!