Week notes #20

I think this will be another short and sweet one today as there's not a great deal to report.

It's been a week since my aunt passed away and now local lockdown restrictions prevent us from visiting any of our relatives which is a bit shit but I think everyone is coping as well as can be expected given the circumstances.


It's been a while since I mentioned reading in these updates. Come to think of it, I don't think I've mentioned my goal of reading 20 books in 2020 in these updates!

Well, I think I'm going to reach my goal, since I recently completed book number 16:

Some of the are book books, some are a series of comics I've read in their entirety, but I'm still counting it all as reading regardless. As I write this, it's my birthday tomorrow so, much to Lu's dismay I'm sure, I'll get a few new books with any money I get sent my way. I'm doing a bit of a deep-dive on Pixar's approach to making movies (and seeing how I can apply some bits to my comic-making process). I've just finished reading The Art of Toy Story 3 so now I'm eyeing up The Art of Toy Story 4, as well as a few others from some of the creative minds at Pixar. I also plan on going back through the first section of the Pixar in a Box course on Khan Academy soon. This time taking notes and taking part in the exercises. I may even post them up here.


I've really struggled with the final chapter of my book. I have a broad idea of where I want to go but some of the core beats still haven't been sitting right. I think I've got somewhere close now. I wrote them out yesterday, I'll review it tonight with fresh eyes and take it from there.

Another blog?

Ok, so this blog is obviously mine but it didn't feel like the right place for me to post specifically about my comic process, or even just photo updates and the like. I may cross-post stuff from time to time over here, but if you want to follow my more comic-focussed ramblings, go give me a follow over on Tumblr.

I'll give it a few weeks and see how I get on. I may well merge everything back over here so it's all in one place.