Week notes #21

Another week and another year older! It was my 35th birthday last week which I kinda forgot about in the last post. I guess I'm at the age now where birthdays aren't really noteworthy events until I start hitting landmark ages. 5 years to the big four-oh, but that'll go in a flash!


As I mentioned last week, I had my eye on The Art of Toy Story 4, which I bought with a bit of the birthday money I got. It arrived super-fast and I dove right in during my lunchtime on Thursday.

I've got to say, the artwork is amazing, that goes without saying but the book overall was a bit of a disappointment. Having read The Art of Toy Story 3 only the week before, which had loads of interviews and content behind-the-scenes, I hoped for more of the same.

This book, however, has a foreword and introduction, then it's mostly just artwork. There are a few small bits of copy here and there to give you some insight but not really enough in my opinion.

As I said, the artwork itself is wonderful so it's not a total wash-out. I also got the second collection of the Oz comic series by Skottie Young. I got the first earlier this year and enjoyed it overall. The art alone is wonderful and makes it worth owning. I think there's one more book left to complete the series which I suspect will be out either before Christmas or some time early next year. I'll be getting that to complete the collection.


We had a rare moment of downtime on Saturday and I noticed Onward had been dropped onto Disney+, so we sat and watched that. It's one of those Pixar films which didn't particularly grab me when I saw the trailer but the film itself was brilliant and definitely one we'll be coming back to.

Lu and I also started watching the Challenger documentary series on Netflix which is revealing the whole catastrophe could have been avoided had the people in charge not been so focused on putting the launch schedule above the safety of the crew. We're halfway through the series so that might be a bit unfair, but that's certainly where my head is at the moment.


Last week I was wrestling with the final part of the story which I'd been struggling with. I'm now at a point where I'm happy with the overall story beats and am now trying to get the script written. My aim is to get that finished this week so I can move on to getting the final set of pages roughed out.