Week notes #3

It's Sunday morning once again so it's time to drop another one of these updates.

Let me just start with Brexit. What a shit-show the whole thing is. Either put it to the people for another vote or cancel the whole thing.

On the work front, I can't really say too much aside from as of yesterday, my contract came to an end. It was a real shame that the redundancies had to take place, we had a really good team who go along in and out of the office so Friday was a bit of a sad day.

On Friday, we all went to Leeds for a farewell night out. A few of us started out going to an escape room place which was super fun and the rest joined us later for dinner at Zizzi's. We stayed there for a fair few hours because we spent a lot of time chatting and having a laugh. I'll definitely miss the team.

So what's next? Well, I've managed to snag myself a new job working at a start-up. I don't want to say too much right now, except one of the reasons I took the role is it includes a lot more focus on design than previous roles have. I've been a Front-end Dev for 15 years now so I want to branch out a little bit. More on that in future weeks, most likely. First day tomorrow!

Yesterday, Lu and I had some time to ourselves so we went to Leeds for a spot of shopping and the evening was spent with some friends who we've not seen for a long time. It was great to catch up with them and really need to do it more often.

Today is Mother's Day and we've not really got anything planned (eek!). We're gearing up for getting our new kitchen fitted in a few weeks time (including taking down a wall) so we may be making a start clearing stuff out which is a super exciting way of spending a Sunday!

Oh! One last thing on the drawing front, I finished a commission I did for Tom at work. He asked me ages ago to do a comic-style page for his save the dates. I also went to the Calder Valley Scribblers meet-up where I managed to finish pencilling a page (still working far too slowly though). Hopefully, the new job will free up some time to get some comics drawn!

That's about it! I'm enjoying reading other people's week notes regularly but I'm never quite sure whether what I'm writing will be of value to anyone else. I'm looking at it as a way to document my weeks for my own benefit, like a diary, so I guess anyone coming along for the ride is a bonus. Thanks for reading!

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