Week notes #5

Compared to previous weeks, it’s been all go these last 7 days.

Work is going well. My boss went to the US for the Masters so I worked remotely all week. I managed to bag myself a desk at my old company so it was great to work in Hebden Bridge again (and cut about an hour and a half of driving every day). Better than that, I feel like I’m making lots of progress.

Last week was riddled with tech problems but towards the end, I laid some groundwork which I built upon this week. I’ve set up lots of components in the codebase, prototyped, designed and built loads of stuff for our onboarding process. I ran a wee usability test too which was really useful so I need to organise more before I consider this portion of the project finished.

At home, we've taken things up a notch in preparation for our new kitchen installation which begins in May. We've started to de-clutter, get rid of anything we won't be keeping when the new kitchen is fitted so it's out of the way and we learn to live without it.

With drawing, I think I've missed my chance getting something done for Little Heroes Comics. They've been very patient with me throughout the uncertainty of redundancy but ultimately, they've got a schedule to keep so I don't blame them for ploughing on ahead without me. I still want to finish the comic I started doing for them so I'll look at getting that done soon. I need to get back onto my other comic project too. This week I've re-written the opening scene so this week I'm going to try finish writing the first issue completely. I'm off most of next week so should find time to do that, possibly even get some rough pencils done too.

Until next week, may the force be with you.


There's only one thing worth watching this week...