Week notes #8

The other week, I missed an update. This week I'm a day late. It's all unravelling so fast! The horror!

It's gonna be a short one this time. There's honestly not much to report, even as a record for my future self to look back on.

The biggest news is work on our new kitchen began. We've been planning this for months and it's a bit relief to see things moving. As I write this, we're still about halfway done, we still don't have an actual kitchen in our house at the moment but another few days and things will start to take shape. The progress made already is really exciting!

Separate kitchen/diner with old units, flooring and fireplace.
The wall, kitchen units and flooring is gone!
Fireplace, gone. Electrics all prepped.
Plastering completed.
Plastering nearly all dry and the base of the new flooring now in place.

I'm still really enjoying work, enjoying getting my teeth into developing a new design system, coming up with prototypes and UI designs focussing on making as great an experience for our users once we launch. One thing I plan to change in the coming weeks is to implement more user testing. We're only now getting beyond the login system so there's a bit more for users to sink their teeth into. I'm looking forward to seeing how the work we've done so far performs and whatever surprising challenges testing brings up.

I signed up to a 2-month free trial of Skillshare last week so I've been working through a bunch of classes on there. I watched a logo design course by the great Aaron Draplin. I think I need to watch it again and make some more comprehensive notes but as a quick exercise, I came up with a little something for Alistair which was fun.

Note: The Buzz Lightyear quote is how Ali used to say it when he was younger. It's something we look back on with a laugh

As for other watching, we watched Extremely Wicked the other night which was pretty good. It then led me to Netflix to start the Ted Bundy Tapes documentary which is pretty unbelievable to be honest.

I think that'll probably do for this week. Until next time, "later..."