Weekly inspiration // Week one

As I stated in a recent entry, I am big fan of Delicious and use it on a daily basis to bookmark titbits I come across on the web. I get a lot out of the stuff I find so I figured why not start publishing my top rated bookmarks every week so if people don't wish to scour through my bookmarks but still want to know what I've been looking at, all they need to do is look here every Friday and they'll have a some nice bite-sized links to browse over their morning coffee.

So without further ado, lets get into the first dose of weekly inspiration.

BBC News website redesign

I've been eagerly awaiting to hear news of this ever since I first heard about it and I have to say my first instinct really likes what they plan to release. As with any redesign, the real test is when it's out in the open but I think it's definitely an improvement.

A List Apart | Prefix or Posthack

Eric Meyer discusses the advantages of using browser prefixes for CSS3 and the potential problems that could lay ahead if we were able to take the simpler route of not using them at all.

A List Apart | Supersize that Background, Please!

Bobby van der Sluis shows some interesting examples of how CSS3 can allow background images to be more flexible according to the screen size.

Non Hover

Trent Walton writes about using the CSS :hover pseudo-class and the potential problems web developers face with the emergence of touch screen devices.

I must admit it's been a rather quiet week but to be honest, I've mostly been reading offline. I'm sure there'll be one or two more next week.