Weekly inspiration // Week three

Another quiet week for inspiration I'm afraid this week. Despite lots of things going on this week, I've not really been bookmarking a great deal of things. Still, I've got a few cool things to pimp so here goes.

8 Faces issue #1 released

A brand new typography magazine created by Elliot Jay Stocks in which 8 type and graphic designers are interviewed concluding with answering one burning question: If you could only use eight typefaces for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

The printed version, of which there were only 1000 copies, sold out in less than two hours but more may be on the way! For now you can still order the PDF version for just £3 and if you have an iPad, drop it into iBooks and get reading...

Flipboard for iPad

I came across this yesterday and after only a couple of hours playing with it, it's fast becoming my favourite iPad app to consume information from Twitter and Facebook.


Kevin Cornell is an American artist and illustrator, who aside from being known for his work in general, he's known in the web design community for his work on A List Apart. He's recently collaborated with designer Randy Jones to create his first font which has a beautiful hand-made quality to it and at just £35 from Veer, it's a bloody bargain!