What do I do with you?

Sometimes I forget this blog is even here. I sometimes refer back to previous posts but these days I rarely have a thought that I think "I should write this as a blog post". I generally stick to posting thoughts on Twitter but maybe I should make more of an effort to write here? I honestly don't know.

I don't really have much free time to write these days. When I do get free time, I'm either skating, making or reading comics.

Maybe I should stop thinking about this place as a "Blog", as in somewhere just to write, and perhaps change gears a bit and treat it a bit like I did with Tumblr back in the day. Not really any medium or long-form writing (if I can even claim to have ever written long-form) but just small, almost-Twitter-like updates. Small posts on my art process, random thoughts as they come to me.

Time will tell, I suppose...