Bolton Abbey, December 2023

This weekend we took a trip north up to Bolton Abbey with my Mum and Stepdad. We had tickets to take a ride on the Polar Express (which was brilliant, by the way) so we decided to head up there a little bit earlier and take a walk down to see the Abbey. The last time we went there was before lockdown and my Mum hadn't been there since she was a girl so it was nice to have a wander around. We've only been during Spring/Summer before so it's always been super busy but this time we almost had the whole place to ourselves bar a few walkers kicking around. We also managed to get there just before sunset so we had some great lighting too.

I wrote back in October about taking my camera out more to rely less on my iPhone which I'll admit, I'm finding harder to remember when I can just walk out the door without actively seeking out my camera but this time I did remember it... except I forgot to charge the battery last time I used it so I managed only a few shots before it died on me. Below are a mixture of both my Nikon 1 and iPhone.