Challenge for August

I'm very happy with the progress I've made in the last year, going from reading next to nothing at all to reading something, be it articles or part of a book, every day.

As I'm a glutton for punishment and feel I need to make a dent on the backlog of web related books I've had for some time, I'm going to try hack my way through all the books currently displayed on the front page of my Kindle by the end of August.

In case the image is a bit rubbish, here's the list of books, articles and essays I'll be reading in no particular order:

There are a few extras on there which aren't in the picture because some of the books listed I've started reading and just need to finish so I felt some additions would make it a worthwhile challenge. I'll also be reading for the next week so I'll be getting a bit of a head start.

Wish me luck, I'm expecting to have a pretty sore head by the time September comes around.