Creative spotting

When I draw, it's often in isolation. I don't have any friends nearby with whom I can just hang out with to shoot the shit about drawing cartoons and comics.

I get really inspired by people I follow on Twitter and Instagram. Seeing the work they're doing makes me want to put pen to paper and create but it's all very disconnected. A tweet here, a status there. There's no quick real-time feedback, no bouncing of ideas or exchanging of tips and techniques like there would be if we were all in the same room.

Last night, I had a thought about applying the idea of gym buddies to creative pursuits. What if we could utilise tools like Slack, Skype or Google Chat to create a community of people with whom to geek out over our pet projects?

I'm really just thinking out loud here. Group video calls would be awesome to start with but maybe in future do some podcasts, blogs, workshops?

This is very spur of the moment but if this sounds like something you'd like to kickstart with me, drop me an email or tweet.