Making some changes

Back in December I wrote a resolution blog post with some intentions for the year. So far they've not really come to fruition aside from learning a little more French than I thought I would while in Paris and I really want to be able to tick off at least a few of the items from the list before December 31st.

Out of that list, the most important for me is getting fit. I've not really had any sort of regular fitness regime since I was 16 apart from a short-lived gym membership last year. As my 27th birthday approaches, I'm increasingly aware that time waits for no-one and before I know it I'll be pushing 40. I figure I've been lucky to have had 10 years of care-free living with no ramifications and I need to start making some real changes otherwise I will wind up becoming a couch potato.

The first phase of my change will come in the way of jogging. I don't have any aspirations to run a 5K or 10K, I just want to get moving again so I will start with some small routes and slowly increase the distance over time. This phase of the regime will kick off tomorrow evening come rain or shine!

The second phase, when I secure myself a bike, will be to start riding to work. My goal is to eventually be able ride to the office and back every day. Being realistic, I think I need to build up to this as it is approximately an 18 mile round trip but I've hardly any knowledge of the route or terrain so I will do a weekend ride first before I make any final decisions on a regime.

Until the second phase kicks off, I hope to start jogging most evenings, even if it's just half an hour around the village but I imagine as I build up to riding 18 miles a day on a bike, the jogging will be phased out or moved to being a weekend thing.

I've already started charting my walking on Endomondo so I'll continue to track my fitness progress on there in the coming months.