'moff to DIBI

This'll be my third (and likely last) conference this year so I hope to make it a good one. I'm actually a rather shy person when it comes to meeting new people so I'm rarely the one to start conversations unless it's with someone I'm familiar with. That said, if people come up to me to say hi, I take to it much better and I find conversation with people I've never met much easier.

So with that, I wanted to take a leaf out of Harry's book and just put out word so people know how to get hold of me...

Email: me [at] nocturnalmonkey [dot] com

And I look a bit like this...

I'm also on Twitter a fair bit so it's probably the quickest way to get in touch.

If you see me there, do come over and say hi, I won't be a douche or eat your brains or anything.