Music to work to

It's Friday afternoon, I'm doing a very monotonous task at work (lots of re-formatting content, lots of copying and pasting) and I'm listening to one of my "go-to" playlists on Spotify, one of their curated playlists: Cinematic Chillout.

I've been listening to this playlist for years now. Back when our youngest was just a baby and breakfast-time took a good hour, I used to play this almost every morning in our kitchen. Nowadays, breakfast lasts only 10 or 15 minutes and I'm often trying to do multiple things at once so I rarely think about putting on music at that time of day any more. This playlist now gets played regularly when I'm working and really need to focus, which I doubt will conjure any nostalgia-fuelled memories in future.

I've got nothing else to say, really. Just felt like sharing the playlist and a bit of a memory (sort of).

If you've not come across it before, I hope you find some gems in there as I have.