One click, big difference

I've been an avid Kindle user since Luisa first bought me one for Valentine's last year. I started with a 3rd gen model until earlier this year when I broke it. I recently upgraded to a 5th gen model and am back on course with catching up on my ever growing ebook library.

One key difference I've noticed with the change is how you access the highlighting feature when reading a book. On the 3rd gen model, you simply used the arrow keys to move the curser, then hit the select button, highlight the passage, hit select again and it's saved. A few clicks, but clicks with a single purpose. After over a year of highlighting passages, I became very used to this to the point where I could activate and highlight passages without it having a real impact on my reading experience.

On the 5th gen model, however, Amazon for some reason has decided to turn this same function into a menu option with a completely different default option, full definition, which option opens up a dictionary giving definitions of the word the cursor sitting before. On a side note, the menu which appears on hitting the select button doesn't open this menu every single time, occasionally it displays a menu with start highlight as the default but I'm still struggling to figure out how the device decides which to show.

The issue I have is I am so used to highlighting with the old device, this little change, this one extra click, means I'm required to pay more attention to the device than the book. I'm now forced to interrupt my reading to make sure I'm selecting the correct option. If I allow my autopilot to take over, I almost always end up accidentally looking up the definition of a random word.

If anyone has any idea how to turn off the full definition option or how the device decides which menu to choose, hit me up on Twitter, I'd love to know.