Project 365, Day 5 - What have I learned so far?

So earlier this evening I chose my photo for day 5 of Project 365. About half an hour after posting, I reviewed the shots I had taken throughout the day and found a photo which after a second look, I would have much rather preferred to use. I considered switching it but after some thought I decided it went against the spirit of the project.

I don't consider myself a good photographer, I've still a lot to learn, so some shots are bound to be less impressive than others. Since uploading the image, I've taken a number of shots which make for much more interesting compositions. Rather than switching the image, I thought it would be better to leave it and chalk it up as part of the learning process.

Today's lesson: Wait until the end of the day before deciding on your shot. You never know when inspiration will strike or when that ideal shot will reveal itself.