Steve Jobs

Like many today, I woke to hear the sad news that Steve Jobs had passed away. There have been many wonderfully eloquent blog posts published in tribute to a true visionary and I wanted to add my own to show my appreciation in my own humble way.

I will of course remember him for his impact on the world of technology but as films have been such a huge part of my life since childhood, I will probably remember him more for being a key player in breathing new life into what is probably my generations most revered movie studios, Pixar.

When Pixar had high ambitions to make the first feature-length computer animated film, no-one else seemed to see life in the idea. Steve Jobs saw the potential and helped make the dream come true and together produced a film that revolutionised story telling. This had a great effect on my outlook on life. Pixar films remind me that life doesn't always have to be serious and that great work can be born out of having fun whilst loving what you do.

I thank him on behalf of lovers of animation everywhere.