TV is killing my time

In November 2009, Luisa and I moved from our flat in the village I grew up in to our first proper house.

I can't remember why exactly but due to the TV cabling being set up to receive Virgin Media (and we weren't subscribed to them) we were essentially without TV for the first few months. I'm pretty sure that if I'd have had a proper look we could have at least had terrestrial but I didn't so we made do.

For a guy who's somewhat addicted to telly, the idea of being without it for a while left me wondering if I could go cold turkey. As we settled in to our new abode, I found myself in a new routine of coming home and relaxing on the sofa spending the evenings reading books and magazines. It's also worth noting at this point we didn't have the internet set up either so reading online was also cut from my evening activities.

After about a week, I'd completely forgotten about telly. I didn't miss my daily dose of Scrubs on E4 or the numerous episodes of QI on Dave. And that's how it went for about two to three months until we got Sky and the temptation to sit in front of the TV was too great and back I slid into the old routine. I have no-one to blame but myself and so it's down to me to fix it.

Starting in December (at the time of writing, I've too many commitments in the next two weeks worth of evenings to start immediately) I'm going to start spending two or three evenings a week in a quiet room catching up on my reading. We're fortunate enough to have two sitting rooms in our house, one with the TV and the other without so I can read without feeling the temptation of TV. Who knows, I may even start updating this blog on a more regular basis too!