Week notes #2

Last week I began by saying it's been a largely uneventful week. I feel like saying the same this week so I guess from now on, unless I start my Week notes saying anything different, my default overview of the past week will be "uneventful".

Saying that, Brexit continues to weigh heavy on my mind. I don't claim to be any sort of expert in the land of politics but I'm trying to keep up with developments here as whatever happens, for better or worse, will shape our lives in the UK for the next few decades at least. I've probably lost followers on Twitter because I spend a lot of time tweeting and retweeting anti-Brexit content but I guess that's just how things are. I signed the petition and wrote (and tweeted) to my MP in support of revoking Article 50. While I didn't go to London, I fully supported the People's March and the turn out was astounding. Being there must have been a a thing to behold.

I don't really want to post details of my work situation at the moment, so all I'll say is we're now in the Endgame of the redundancy process so there should be more to report in the next week or so.

I was excited to receive a boxset of comics I'd backed on Kickstarter back in December...

We had friends from work over for a games night on Friday which was hilarious and a great way to forget about work and Brexit.

On Saturday, Ali and I spent some time in Halifax while Lu had her hair done. We had a spot of lunch in The Piece Hall then I took him to the Industrial Museum for a look around. I was probably only a little older than he is now when I last went there so it was nice to see it again. Ali has a fascination with steam engines and loves anything mechanical so seeing how huge engines are connected to smaller machines to perform different tasks was pretty exciting for him. The volunteers there were all really great with him, taking the time to tell us about various bits and pieces (and listening to his responses).

It's Sunday morning as I write this so the weekend is far from over. This morning, we're taking Ali rock climbing for the first time. I've wanted to start climbing again for a long time and looked forward to being able to take him so hopefully this will be the start of a little Sunday tradition. This afternoon will be the first Calder Valley Scribblers meeting I've been to in a long time so I'm looking forward to spending a couple of hours doodling.

Until next week, "you stay classy, San Diego".

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